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Driving Instruction in East Elmhurst, NY

East Elmhurst, NY is a community in the New York City borough of Queens. It has both residential and commercial areas and is a relatively affordable place to live within New York City. East Elmhurst’s population is diverse and it boasts some of the best cultural eateries in the area. The neighborhood continues to grow, with more families moving in and apartment buildings replacing single-family homes. If you need driving instruction in East Elmhurst, NY, Driving School Forum offers driving classes, a pre-licensing course, road test scheduling, can provide a car for your road test, help with DMV services, and more!

Hands-On Driving Instruction

At Driving School Forum, all our driving instructors are fully trained and licensed within New York State. We understand some new drivers may be nervous, and we patiently teach safe driving methods to all our students in East Elmhurst, NY. We aim to make learning to drive fun and easy while emphasizing safety. We want learning to drive to be a positive experience for each of our students and to help them feel confident behind the wheel.

Hands-on instruction helps our instructors customize the learning experience for our students and address the specific areas that may need more attention. We have helped thousands of students for over 20 years become capable and confident drivers, and our students have helped us become better teachers, too!

Defensive Driver Course (DDC)

In addition to our learning-to-drive classes, we also offer a defensive driving course of excellent caliber. The purpose of learning defensive driving is to help students approach more complex situations on the road with safety and awareness in mind, such as anticipating how another driver might behave and reacting accordingly. Taking our defensive driving course can lower your car insurance by 10%, plus you gain superior driving skills, so it’s a worthwhile investment. If you’re in East Elmhurst, NY and looking for a defensive driving course, look no further. We also offer different specials throughout the year, so keep an eye out for those!

Pre-Licensing Course

Before you can get your license, you are required to take five hours of pre-licensing instruction. At Driving School Forum, we offer a pre-licensing course to those who need it, as well as help you schedule your road test at a day and time that is convenient for you. We’ll even provide a car for you to use during your road test in case you don’t have your own available. We’ll help all our East Elmhurst, NY students get through their pre-licensing obligations and road test without any hiccups!

DMV Services

We know dealing with the DMV can be a logistical frustration. That’s why we make sure to help our East Elmhurst, NY clients with their DMV needs so the transaction goes smoothly and quickly. Whether you need to secure license plates, renew your registration, replace your title, or any other DMV service, our team will help you get what you need.

Insurance Brokerage Forum Corp

If you are looking for auto insurance in East Elmhurst, NY, our sister company, Insurance Brokerage Forum Corp can help you find the best rates!

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